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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  October 19, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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gary, can you bring us up to speed? we may have lost that connection. first wait a minute. do we have gary? gary can you bring us up to speed? okay. apparently not. we're going to move on now. today the u. s. justice department issued new guidelines ordering federal prosecutors not to go after patients using marijuana for medicinal purposes in states that are legal. how this may impact a drive to legalize medical marijuana in the district. >> reporter: pamela hughes plays the congress a drums at her church. silver spring resident can only use one arm. cancer did this to the other one. cancer also took both her breasts. the 50-year-old marylander says the legally prescribed marijuana she smokes has allowed her to stop using the painkillers that were killing her. >> i would be dead if i
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continued with the medication. >> reporter: pamela welcomes the obama administration's decision to not to treat her as a criminal. >> i have a judge that moved. i should be safe from any federal or state persecution whatsoever. >> for the first time in about 10 years patients have had an opportunity to breathe to think they are not going to go to bed have federal officials banging on their door tomorrow. >> it's clearly not medical. it's the legalization of drugs for public consumption. most of us think that's bad for adolescents, bad for america. >> reporter: here in the district a law legalizing the use of medical marijuana has been blocked in congress for years, but now with the new justice department directive it could finally be getting som traction. >> there could be
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medical dispensaries in clump yo. >> what is ago is a question he sense. >> reporter: she tries everything to forget her pain. >> i want to be well. the justice department says it wants to focus its resources more efficiently. but attorneys can prosecute those who are distributing marijuana illegally. tonight in redskins land two sets of fans, the angry and the april they particular. the angry are the ones who care about the team the april that particular don't care. coach jim zorn has been retained as head coach but relieved of his play calling lewis. sherm lewis going from calling bingo games at a retirement
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community to calling plays at the nfl. some say the problem goes higher up. >> if you go back to the past 10 years general manager vinny cerrato is the main problem he hasn't cons transported on the offensive line. they spend all their money free agents on defense. >> sports director brett haber is covering the story he'll have a live report later in sports. now to d. c. an accident involving a in ro bus and a pedestrian but it could be that the pedestrian is the one at fault. investigators say the pedestrian was hurt in the shoulder when he came into contact with the bus along georgia avenue and northwest. a metro spokeswoman says that it's her understanding that d. c. police were going to cite that pedestrian. they still have not confirmed that information. incidents involving deadly force by police in prince george's counties are down this year, but you would not know that after a weekend of violent encounters with police. four people were shot and one
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died. scott is following developments as investigators try to assess what happened. >> reporter: armored car suspect is shot. off duty officer wounds two shoplifting suspects who allegedly drag the officer with their car sunday a knife- wielding man ludges at police and k-9 doggie is shot and killed in college park. prince george's police say they have no control over the encounters and the weekend spike in violence is simply a coincidence. >> we've had 11 uses of deadly force in the county. same period last year we had 17. we're actually down 6 incidents. >> reporter: the police do have control over how they train for the inevitable with firearms and less lethal devices like tasers. in nearly every case the decision is literally split
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secon in the case of the fleeing shoplifting suspect shot in their car some by standers question police judgmen the officer was taken to the president homplet police officer is expected to be okay. these. >> the last officer we had killed in the line of duty richard findlay was run over by a vehicle. these are very dangerous situations for our officers these things happen very quickly and the officer did what he this had to do to survive. meanwile sunday's incident at a college park 7-eleven is being characterized as suicide by cop. the obama administration is putting pressure on afghanistan's president to allow a runoff election. thousands of ballots for karzai must be thrown out his top
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challenger abdullah abdullah welcomed the news. karzai's camp is waiting for news from eye separate election commission. >> it's up to the after afghans to make this legitimate. >> the top u. s. commander in afghanistan is asking for another 40,000 troops. today a soldier from how deny county was laid to rest at arlington national cemetery today. army specialist stephen mace was killed october 3rd along with 7 comrades during an ambush in afghanistan. he joined the army after attending high school. for almost half failing to more than 99% expelling. president obama surprised the fourth and fifth graders at dearsville deers deersville
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elementary school. today nearly every single third fourth fifth grader is proficient or advanced in reading and math. >> this is just a great example of how much improvement that school can make just in a really short time when you got motivated kids. >> the principal says the secrets to the school's success include a fantastic staff and a single minded focus on reading that has kids reading in groups sometimes three times a day. but the classes are small about 20 students sometimes with the teachers aid in addition to the teacher. >> if you're planning to spend a little lesson halloween you're thought alone. when 9 news now returns more on why that trick-or-treat bag may be a little lean. plus our top meteorologist keeping his eye on the sky. >> you can find this on the web site click on the weather tap tab and follow the
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drop down menu. 59 and 49 go in the poox. it's an improvement but still below average. record high and low 88 and 30. we'll come back talk about the prospect of frost and have some tips for you. stay tuned. security. and medicare makes it possible. but every year, congress must make a temporary fix to the medicare payment plan so seniors can keep their doctor and the care they depend on. we need a permanent solution --to protect medicare and ensure
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seniors get the security and stability they've earned. call your senators today. ask them to pass s.1776 to protect seniors' access to quality care.
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. >> hey lesli no serious accidents to talk about right now but we're seeing some serious delays specially here past university to georgia and connecticut it will be very slow on the inner loop we're seeing slowest part right here it's going to be wilson bridge over to telegraph about a 20 minute delay at this point. 95 southbound see how things. it won't be slow to wharton to loop 23. a little slowdown for folks
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heading south. we're also keeping an eye on 66. it's still very slow average speed 10 miles per hour from nuttily to 123 a 20 minute delay there. 390 southbound right now back up. bumper-to-bumper traffic right there will be slow for folks heading home in that area and dealing with the sun in their eyes as well. lesli back to you. more tricks, less treats in tonight's living smart focus. you may not have to worry about your little ghost chucking down too much candy this halloween. national retail federation finds 47% of families say they will spend lesson suites to pass out to trick-or-treaters. 35% plan to recycle last year's decorations and 16% say they will make their costume instead of buying one. still to come when 9 news now returns see how one man's crazy idea has him smiling all the way to the bank. but first here's a preview of the cbs evening news. scary numbers out today on
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the h1n1 virus. 11 children have died this week alone. and now companies are coming up short on vaccine production. who should be getting it first, tonight only on the cbs evening news.
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. last week's balloon saga in colorado was just a bunch of hot air the couple at the center of thees ca paid could face criminal charges. the attorney for them are willing to turn themselves in. they sparked a nationwide panic with reports that one of their children was in a wayward hot air balloon. a second interviewer found some parts of the family's story did not add up. >> it was a publicity stunt done with the hopes of marketing themselves or better marketing themselves for a reality television show. >> if the heenes are convicted they could face jail time a half million dollars fine, blue they could be forced plus they
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could be pay for the rescue effort. lindsey mastis brings us the story of a entrepreneur. >> reporter: he must be right he's making millions of dollars off of people who like to look at cats on his web site i can't have cheeseburger. >> i used to be the guy sitting at home on the couch running a cat blog. >> reporter: now he runs a company and doesn't have to do hardly anything. >> because i use it to work for us. >> reporter: people send him to t pictures and write the captions. the miss spellings are on purpose. >> the language was already in existence. >> reporter: ben creates more web sites like one about dogs. and things that look like other things. >> this looks like clint east wood. >> reporter: there is a fail
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blog. >> fail nothing celebrates our mistakes. >> reporter: they gill millions of page views and making millions of dollars in advertising. how can all the rest of us get in on this gold mine? >> you have to start with what you like. >> reporter: and it can be anything. >> they need to pick something they are passionate about. >> reporter: he says he doesn't know why i can't have cheeseburger is so popular all he knows is that he loves pets, and there's plenty of other things people love and may be willing to spend time looking at online. it could make you millions. in washington i'm behind say lindsey mastis. >> he happens to be allergic to cats. there is his way of getting to spend time with the animal he lovers without all the sneezing. i wish i could have thought about that. i can't have sun. >> we can have more tomorrow. temps are going to be gomg up.
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we were below average but after the weekend we'll be okay. here's your forecast first. the next three days really quite spectacular sunshine tomorrow 70. low 70s on wednesday mid-70s on thursday. partly cloudy, little breezy on thursday but really a pretty nice stretch of weather tuesday wednesday and thursday. tonight we're looking at a frost warning and over the weekend we talked about the possibility of snow getting pretty close to us we showed you video 5:00 at snow in owens mills in baltimore county this is from our friend bill wolf in pittsburgh. pittsburgh is in between hagerstown and . it was the second earliest snowy has seen he's been up there many years. thank you bill for sending that in. for tonight frost advisory clear and chilly with scattered frost 34 to 44 with light winds. that's one of the ingredients for frost clear sky, check, light winds check and a dry air mass, check. frost will be scattered about. president's not that unusual. for frederick we average frort
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10th of month. gateersburg fairfax ease back towards man as sus about the 21st we're on schedule for that. downtown doesn't average until early november. i don't think you're going to see any frost downtown. yes there are advisories everywhere, so, you know, bring in your plants, but i don't think you're going to see frost downtown nor do i think you're going to see it in southern maryland or the northern neck. you'll be in the 30s around 40 but not quite cold enough for frost. if you're worried about it bring in the plant, cover the plants. might want to water the plants before you cover them. actually when you wet them down that actually releases heat back into the atmosphere. it's just as important to remember to uncover them as cover them before you leave for work tomorrow. temperatures tonight mid 30s great falls 35. 38 in bethesda. mid 30s for bowie. downtown in the 40s. we don't think you'll have any problems around town or even old town alexander probably in the low 40s as well.
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temperatures are falling pretty quickly. 54 in brookville down 3 degrees. 55 shan till i. 55 belhaven and mid 50s in dump friday. a beautiful day. winds west southwest at 10. sunny and warmer. highs near 70 and winds south westerly at 10. all 6 soarns are on the web site at 67 charles town. 70 for springfield and stafford. pretty much pure sunshine tomorrow and across the river downtown 70. upper 60s for damascus. 7 upper 60 business the day. there are no advisories on the bay or potomac. next 7 days an inch of above average as we get into wednesday thursday. nice tuesday wednesday thursday. 70 tomorrow. low 70s on wednesday. partly cloudy on thursday. mid-70s. friday another system comes in here and we're looking at 64 degrees for a high with rain and showers, and then saturday
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looking at rain showers and maybe a thunderstorm. got a golf ball on saturday. also got a couple of weddings i know about. and clearing out sunday 60 and low 60s on monday as the whole nation will see how bad we are next monday. >> look, you got to keep the faith. come on. you got to keep the faith. >> gone. gone. >> come on. hurt. yesterday the redskins changed their signal callers today they changed their play callers so brett haber is live at redskins park with more. >> reporter: i want to say things are negative nobody is negative as topper is there. he has to take a deep breath. the aim with sim jim zorn was to stabilize the team. candid comments about sherm
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lewis and a quarterback controversy it's all coming up live from the park after this.
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i'm steve shannon, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. in this attack ad, ken cuccinelli says, "it's a study in contrasts and judgment," and it is. steve shannon was a fairfax county prosecutor who convicted hundreds of drunk drivers. ken cuccinelli has no experience as a prosecutor. and ken cuccinelli opposed tougher penalties for repeat drunk drivers. he said, quote, "a suspect might not recall a previous dui arrest." that's the true contrast. . and welcome back to redskins park everybody. there are suggests and then there are officers you can't refuse. jim zorn was pulled into an office and was strongly suggested to him that he surrender his play calling responsibilities with the team. today zorn was asked had he
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refused that strong suggestion does he think he would have lost his job. he said, i don't know. either way the redskins made it official today. zorn once heralded as the offensive guru would lead this franchise back to the super bowl has been stripped of his responsibilities and stripped as a team leader in favor of sherm lewis. >> the reason that i can comply with this is simply because of the lack of scoring. sometimes we have to do things that are uncomfortable. i want to win too. and if this has to be done this way, if this is going to be the key, then i'm certainly willing to give it a try. >> reporter: of course the most curious aspect of the redskins decision today may be whom they gave the play making and play calling abilities to. a man who is a 67-year-old retiree who hasn't coached in the nfl in 5 years and who has been with the redskins a sum
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total of 2 weeks. sherm lewis will call the plays from the press boxy will send those calls down to zorn monday night who will relay them into the helmet of the quarterback does he know enough to be effective in this role? >> i don't know. it it's yet to be seen. all we can do is try to execute whatever he calls to the best of you our ability. >> i don't know if it's the same offense he's used to running. >> we got to roll with the punches and get going as players come out and play who is up there making the calls and whatever play is called go out and get it done. >> reporter: we've been taking your temperature on the issue, our 9 news interactive poll today asked viewers do you agree with the redskins decision to take away coach zorn's play calling duties. 44 partly 44% said yes, 24%
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said no. 34% said yes fire him now. one of the things sherm lewis might like to know before monday night who his starting quarterback mick. quarterback controversies something that sends washington into a advertise he because of the whole zorn play calling side-bar this has been pushed to the back burner. still the quarterback scenario is very real on this monday. jason campbell benched in favor of todd collins neither man is effective zorn is not saying which man will get the start against the eagles though he did emphasize it would be his decision. for the time being campbell is fighting to reclaim his job and maybe his career. >> i'm preparing to be the starter for next week's game but it's not my decision. i'm prepared as a teammate you have to be a professional about it. you still have to be supportive. >> jason will not back down. he will -- he's a competitor, and that's what i like about him. >> >> reporter: whichever quarterback gets the starter
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will not have the benefit of chris daniels protecting his blindside he well sit out again as he awaits another opinion on his spinal steno says it could end his career or his season season or career. other sports news today. it's not just the auto industry that's pulling out of detroit so are their basketball teams. the wnba detroit shock announced that they are moving to tulsa. former arkansas head coach nolan richardson will be their head coach and general manager. that is the story from here. jim zorn has had his play calling duties removed and possibly whatever authority he had left to lead this team. we'll have more at 11:00. the chaos continues, lesli back to you. >> a long week brett thank you for that. >> long winter. >> you don't have enough time to pontiff indicate. just tell us the forecast. >> sunshine is coming our way. >> that's what we need. and that's it for us on 9 news at 6:00. cbs evening news with katie
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couric is next. and don't forget is always on. have a great night.


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